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EROWTEC (Explosive Remnants of War, Treatment, Engineering and Clearance) offer EOD remedial services and security solutions to industries throughout the APAC region, by utilizing the expertise of our directors and principal consultants.

EROWTEC Limited are headquartered in HK, with operational capabilities and expertise in EOD / Security throughout the APAC region.

EROWTEC Limited is affiliated with the UK based SGS UK Ltd (Specialist Gurkha Services UK Ltd) who have extensive project experience from conflict areas, around the world.

EROWTEC Limited provide independent, cost effective, quality services to industries in the Construction, Oil and Gas sectors, Governments and Non-Government Organisation’s (NGO’s), as well as expert advice to local and international companies.

EROWTEC Limited has extensive experience in both the EOD and Security fields. A full range of our services can be viewed here and our project history viewed here.

UXO/EOD Services

Armed conflicts around the world, both modern and historically, have left a legacy of unexploded explosive ordinance (commonly known as “UXO”) within these areas.  Invariably, the problem of UXO has caused problems to governments and private organisations that provide infra-structure support within these conflict / former conflict zones.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) has become a necessary requirement within the construction and energy development fields to avoid any unnecessary delays, or additional costs. Predominantly, these problems arise during the initial site investigation and groundwork phases of construction within these projects. Most if not all of these problems could be avoided, with the engagement of a EOD Specialist Company such as EROWTEC Limited to carry out the risk management survey, as part of the project’s design process.

Every company has a “legal duty of care” under local and international Health and Safety Regulations / Laws to provide adequate and in some cases specific, health and safety information with regard to hazards and risks associated with a particular project.

This is especially significant where the potential of UXO contaminated ground may be excavated in the case of construction or infra-structure projects.

The earlier that this risk is addressed by an EOD specialist within a project lifecycle, mitigates and reduces the risk of problems, or potentially life threatening hazards.

Returning to UXO, we may question the relevancy within crisis management but, like many other risks faced by projects a UXO incident is one that can derail the momentum of a project if it arises where no planning and contingencies have been made for the occurrence.

In these circumstances project drivers such as schedule and costs will be impacted, however the severity of the impact will depend on the projects preparation, speed and effectiveness and being able to deal with a UXO incident.

Dealing with UXO contamination is normally not particularly difficult, dangerous or technically challenging providing the process to mitigate the risk is properly managed and the work is conducted by appropriately trained, qualified and supervised personnel – all the elements of CM.


This is where EROWTEC Limited can help you. Our specialists will offer their advice, expertise and assistance to mitigate the risks posed by any potential UXO contaminated areas.

EROWTEC operates along the following lines:

  • Preliminary Risk Assessment

    Should UXO risk be identified as a risk, we would advise that an EROWTEC specialist is commissioned by the client. This should take place during the initial stages of the project planning and ideally before the start of any detailed design.
    This early involvement may also enable the project team to identify appropriate techniques to reduce potential risks through considered design, without the need for UXO specific mitigation methods.

  • Detailed Risk Assessment

    This assessment enables an estimate to be made of the likelihood of creating a UXO hazard on a site, giving due consideration to the development type and construction methods to be employed

  • Risk Mitigation

    The purpose of risk mitigation is to eliminate risk or reduce it to an acceptable level. The risk mitigation process provides a framework that identifies appropriate mitigation methods for the various risk scenarios that may be identified by the detailed risk assessment. Identified options are then assessed to ensure that an efficient and cost effective risk mitigation programme is selected.

  • EOD Risk Management Implementation

    The final phase of the risk management process is to ensure that the selected risk mitigation plan is carried out correctly and efficiently during the construction phase of the development works and that the works are verified as having been completed to a satisfactory level.

  • Emergency Response Plan

    For sites where there is the possibility of a UXO hazard, there should be an emergency response plan in place. The plan should provide clear and precise guidance on what to do should a UXO be encountered, and/or initiated as part of the site works, with accompanying emergency management team roles and responsibilities. This should be included in the health and safety plan for the proposed works and should be communicated to the work force at the operational level, typically as part of a tool box brief.

Where UXO contaminated ground is identified, no work should be initiated until a full risk assessment has been conducted by a qualified EOD specialist.