EROWTEC Limited has experienced specialists in the UXO, EOD and security fields.  Our goal with EROWTEC is to offer professional, dedicated and transparent services to all of our clients.  Each of our specialists are passionate about the EROWTEC goals and also place a high priority to being responsive and colaborative with our clients. Our principal specialists are identitfed below.



Josef “Matt” Matulewicz profile photo
Josef “Matt” MatulewiczDirectorTechnical and Field Operations (UXO/EOD)
Matt is an experienced explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) engineer with over 30 years of experience as a manager, trainer and mentor in all aspects of UXO and landmine clearance. Qualifying as a mine warfare specialist and EOD engineer in the British army’s Corps of Royal Engineers, he became Permanent Staff Instructor with an EOD Regiment, then chief instructor at the NATO Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal School after thirteen years managing field operations. Matt is one of the originators of the United Nations Mine Action Standards and has worked as senior technical advisor to the UN and the EC in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Matt has trained and managed UXO and landmine clearance teams in many countries including: Cambodia, Mozambique, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Solomon Islands and Hong Kong.

Mark Ranson profile photo
Mark RansonDirectorOperations (UXO/Security)
A highly experienced physical risk management and advisory professional with over 30 years’ practical experience including the planning and management of Security Operations and the remediation of Explosive Remnants of War.

Born in the UK, and grew up in South Africa leading to diverse life experience at an early age. Further life and professional experience subsequently gained as an officer with the British Army (2nd Gurkhas) and with private companies and multi-national corporate clients in China, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Politically aware and possessing cultural empathy and understanding, my background has shaped me towards a work ethic that emphasizes leadership, sound management, common sense and doing what is ethically and morally correct.

Principal Consultants

Chris Jones profile photo
Chris JonesPrincipal ConsultantUXO/EOD
Chris served in the Hong Kong Police for over 30 years , mainly in operational formations but also in training, administrative and staff postings which included the basic training of newly recruited Inspectors and the management of the Police personnel computer system. As an operational commander he not only directed the policing of his divisions, but also managed a wide range of Operational Safety and Health, human resource and plant and equipment tasks. In addition to day-to-day policing he also commanded a wide variety of public order and crowd management events.

For the majority of his service his secondary duty was with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau, as a reserve Bomb Disposal Officer for 20 years and as Directing Staff, responsible for the training and assessment of Bomb Disposal Operators, for 10 years.


SGS UK Affiliation

EROWTEC Limited is partly owned by a UK registered company: Specialist Gurkha Services UK Limited (SGS UK Limited).  SGS UK Limited has a successful and unblemished 20 year track record of UXO remediation works globally.